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September Pastor’s Letter

Dear Friends in Christ,

This has been a long week for many who are victims of Hurricane Harvey. Thousands upon thousands have been displaced, totally lost homes, been separated from loved ones, hungry, wet, loss of life, and probably some were even wondering does anyone care.   And, it has also been a week of worry as families who live away from loved ones in the affected area, do not know what is happening – are their families safe, how far away are they from the area,  are they  missing,  etc?   We know people in our congregation who are going through this and our prayers have been going out for them as well.  Thank goodness we do live in an era of better communication with Facebook, e-mails, etc.  But batteries run out, as well as loss of electricity.  I wonder if anyone has thought of donating batteries? Hopefully, yes.

But this has also been a week of an amazing outpouring  of love and caring throughout the entire United States.  Just watching the local news each day has made my sad heart happier as I’ve watched truck after truck be filled with water and other supplies needed.  Then to be on the highway and see all the utility trucks, National Guard convoys and many others heading South is heart warming.  The businesses who have been matching donations from the public, or just making big donations has made me feel good again.  With all the bad stuff that has been on the news in the past few weeks, that has taken somewhat of a back seat this current week as we watched the coverage pretty much take over about the flooding, the disasters, and the rescues and, it has been good to be watching love taking place. And I just hope the people affected can feel that love.

It reminds me of scriptures such as Romans 13: “Love your neighbor as yourself.  Love does no harm to its neighbor”;  Luke 6: 31  “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”  Others you might want to look up are 1 Corinthians 13: 1-8, 13; Matthew 22: 34-40.

As we begin the new month of September, let us continue to pray daily for ALL victims of any disaster, not just in the United States, other places as well.  LOVE AND PRAYER can conquer many things.  Let’s be a big part of that love.


Pastor Sandi


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